Recruiting and Training New Entertainers

I have a great problem to solve right now: I have more requests for parties than my team can handle. It’s a good problem to have when you consider that Simply Smiles has only been in business for about three weeks. However, it is a problem that I need to solve as quickly as possible. Luckily, I have a solid group of trainees that are interested in learning how to do balloons and face painting: four balloon trainees and five face painting trainees. If everyone works out, then I would have two balloon twisters, three face painters, and four hybrid entertainers.


My Craigslst Ad

My Craigslst Ad

Recruiting quality people has always been a struggle, but I’ve found some good sources in a few ways. The best is to have a warm referral, whether it is from a customer or from another artist on the team. Those who are involved in purchasing our service and delivering our service have a unique understanding of what goes into the job. However, as a new business it can be difficult to conjure warm referrals without regular appearances and an already sizable team: only four of my seven trainees are warm referrals. My sister Kathleen and good friend Alycia are learning to be face painters, while I am cross training my balloon twisting fiance Lali in face painting. Likewise, my close friend Jason is taking up balloon animals and I am cross training Sandy, my most tenured face painter in balloons. In the meantime, I have turned to Reddit and Craigslist. While they may be fickle job seekers that will take another opportunity, I am confident that a few of them will turn out to be great entertainers. I have one balloon twister, one face painter, and one hybrid entertainer interested.


As a full-time entertainer and business owner, I do have a lot on my plate. However, at this time of the year I am relatively flexible. This means that I can adjust my schedule to meet up with my new staff and ensure that they are ready by the time my busy season begins. We have booked a few jobs for non-profit organizations that have offered my face painting trainees opportunities to practice on the kids while I do some balloon animals. My goal is to have a solid team ready by the beginning of April: Ideally I would have 4 balloon twisters and 4 face painters, including the multi-talented artists. I think that the company is on pace to meet that goal, and that it would be best to add at least one more trainee in each category in case some of the newest recruits do not convert into sufficient entertainers.