Balloon Decorations

Simply Smiles provides elegant balloon decorations for many types of events. Our focus is on quality, affordable decoration. We offer decor as both a standalone service and in combination with other entertainment services. See our full gallery of options here. Decorations can be used both inside or outside, through extra charges may occur for outdoor events due to the damaging effects of harsh weather and wind.

First Birthday Special

denver balloon decor arch and columns

Standard Arch and Two Columns

Our most popular option for events is an arch and two columns for $260. We often recommend these because of their simplicity and flexibility. Some hosts prefer to use all the decorations on the stage, while others move the columns to the entrance and use their arch to highlight the stage or cake table. See more details about arches and columns in particular below.

Balloon Arches

First-Birthday-Arch balloon decorationsThese are our most popular balloon decorations. We have been making balloon arches since 2014 and they come in many types of designs. Most of our arches are standardized to a certain base size, with certain additions making them smaller or larger. Colors are fully customizable and there are many base patterns that can be used. Addons can be put on as well, such as flowers, thicker areas, etc.

Balloon Columns

Four balloon decorations columns connected by lenins.

Try columns with lenins!

Balloon columns can be a low-cost alternative for balloon decorations or be used to obtain a different look. There are many options, both in thickness and in height. Sometimes you can build a creation from an arch such as an animal column, or they can be used stylistically to frame a stage or entryway.

Customizable Balloon Decorations

Based on our availability and the design, we may be able to make balloon decorations that you find online or think up on your own. Contact us today to see if we can make it for you!