Content Creation

If you research top entertainers, it’s very clear who the leaders are. This is in large part due to all the content that they create. There are a lot of paths toward being a prominent content creator: you could use Facebook and take tons of pictures. You could create a video series. Some balloon twisters sell DVDs and instructional PDFs. I would like to do more content creation for a variety of reasons, and need to find just the right mix for me.

Why do I want to create content?

Financially, content creation will make me more visible online and help spread the word about my skills as an entertainer. Professionally, it will encourage me to constantly push my limits and improve. It will give me new ideas and help me gain feedback on those. Personally, I think it would be fun and awesome to have a constant supply of neat things come out of my company and my passions. Adopting a mindset of consistent creation will help me in many ways and allow me to document the improvements that I have been making.

What kind of content is right for me?

These ideas have bounced around in my head for years, but I haven’t spent much time focusing on them. I’ve made a few videos, but ultimately I don’t spend the time required to make them exceptional. Social media has never really appealed to a me, as taking, posting, and viewing photos are all a little monotonous to me. They always feel flat and two dimensional: it’s hard to express my personality through photos, and my personality is a lot of what I’m selling!

That leads me to videos. I really enjoy when a nice video comes together, and a lot of what I do is visual. Additionally, I’ve been working lately on adding more comedic structure to my performances. I have several jokes that have worked for years, but I’ve been trying out new ones, eliminating the ones that aren’t good, and mentally writing new ones. Video will give me an opportunity to simulate speaking in front of an audience and seeing how things land. It’s not the same as having someone to play off of, but it’s an important skill to learn as I seek to expand my performance abilities. I’ve been filming with my iPhone previously, which has quality, storage, and convenience issues. I need to have a dedicated camera and roll it for hours of practice sessions.

So what will I do?

simplysmilesgoproI’m picking up a new GoPro Hero 3+ Black today. It’s a pretty great little action camera. Old enough to be down to $200, while being new enough to be above a middle-line GoPro. I will be able to attach it to my head, to my chest, to my bike, to a wall, to a pole, and to my wrists. I’m sure there are more places I can place it, but I’m confident that those primary areas will work great. Attaching it to the head and chest will likely be helpful for contact and toss juggling as well as unicycling. I’d like to use it for hiking on the side too. It has a lot of slow motion capabilities, so I can record in incredibly high frame rates for slo-mo videos, or I can take stop motion images to create a blurry effect.

Having a dedicated camera will allow me to continue listening to music, podcasts, or Spanish lessons while I practice. It will add a whole level of efficiency, since I’ll be able to practice, grab footage, and entertain myself all at the same time. I have a few specific plans for promotional videos. In particular I plan to make a series of short, hilarious videos highlighting benefits to my customers: timeliness, quality, speed, humor, etc.. I want to start with a few small videos I can embed in the site to both entertain and to introduce myself to potential customers. It will be tough sometimes, with a sharp learning curve, but I am confident that focusing on content creation will help me financially, professionally, and personally!