Entertainment Services

Simply Smiles offers a variety of entertainment services for all event types. Many entertainers can provide two or more of these skills, allowing you to have multiple entertainment services without paying the full price of both.

Balloon Twisting

13594295045_3404697c55_oSimply Smiles has the most experience twisting balloons. This was the entertainment service that made us realize how much we loved children’s entertainment! We can make fancy ones, simple ones, funny ones, or adorable ones. If you need us to make 30-40 balloons per hour, we can do that. If you want us to come make complex balloons for your 8-10 kids, we can do that too! Our balloon twisting team is extensive and will be able to provide you as many balloon artists as you need.

Face Painting

A pink and blue butterfly with a huge smile

That smile is why our company exists!

Simply Smiles has been painting faces for many years. This entertainment service operates in much the same way as the balloon twisting: we can do slower, complex faces, or we can paint 30 people in an hour. People of all ages love face painting, and the smiles on the faces of kids when they look in the mirror inspires us to do what we do. We have a wide team of experienced painters and can provide you as many as you need for your event!

Balloon Decorations

Mickey Mouse themed! Check out the ears.

Mickey Mouse themed! Check out the ears.

Balloon decorations is our entertainment service that is least like the others. While we are usually performing during parties, balloon decorations are completed before events even start. This allows us to completely meet a customer’s needs and help them improve their events in more ways. While we do offer these decorations as a stand-alone service, we like them best when we get to arrive early to a party to decorate, stay for some entertainment and cake, then tear down when the party is completed!


contact juggling practice at a park in denver

Nothing beats a mountain view through the ball

I love to juggle and have been developing it as an entertainment service. It has begun as a supplement to my other entertainment services, as we will take them out when we have some down time or when the kids ask us to do some tricks. We can do both toss juggling, which is the standard type of juggling, and contact juggling.

Smiles the Clown

Smiles the Denver clown doing some illusions

Smiles the Clown Hard at Work

I often combine all of my skills into one act: Smiles the Clown. I bring my balloons, face painting supplies, juggling tools, and my unicycle. Clowning is a great entertainment option because it allows me to more directly influence the flow of the party entertainment and use all of my experience to deliver an amazing entertainment experience.


Many of our performers can adapt their skills into performances! Not only can you have your twister make awesome balloons for the kids, but you can also see them make a giant birthday balloon and tell some funny jokes to the kids! Prepare to be amazed and to have the best party you’ve ever had.