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Public Events

We are often hired by municipalities, festivals, businesses, organizations, churches, and non-profits to enhance the quality of their public events. These come in many shapes and sizes, and Simply Smiles has a variety of services and entertainers to fit your exact needs. Whether you want to bring in a crowd or keep them coming back, Simply Smiles will be happy to suit your specific needs.

Private Parties

Private events such as birthday parties, graduation parties, and family reunions are opportunities for us to do our best work. In public we often encounter long lines and have to work with speed and efficiency. In private, we have the opportunity to make our fanciest balloons and do our most intricate face painting. If you think that our entertainers are talented when they are working quickly, you will be even more impressed when you see our designs that will knock your socks off!

Corporate Events

The founder of Simply Smiles has an MBA in marketing and can help your business reach new customers and increase the efficacy of your business’ public appearances. Trade shows and festivals are a great opportunity to inform the general public about products and services that your company can offer. By hiring a Simply Smiles entertainer, businesses have the opportunity to bring in more customers to their booths or areas. Business owners can speak with Simply Smiles ahead of time in order to share information about what they offer so that the entertainer can more accurately convey the business’ message to event attendees.

School Carnivals

Making children happy is the reason that our company exists, and there is nothing more important than ensuring kids are excited about education. Simply Smiles has extensive experience entertaining large groups of kids and families, and has quickly become a staple of many annual school events. Whether you need one, two, or five entertainers, Simply Smiles will be glad to provide you what you need at special rates.


Many organizations in the community are dedicated to going good and spreading joy throughout the area. Simply Smiles shares these commitments, and attempts to help these organizations however we can. We offer a 10% discount to all non-profits in the Denver metro area and offer consultations on how our services can help these organizations reach their specific event goals.


One place that you can always come to see Simply Smiles is at some of your favorite local restaurants! Entertainers from Simply Smiles have been entertaining at restaurants for as long as they have been entertaining. We are often paired with promotional kids meals or family deals to completely enhance your dining experience. Our goal is to be out and about on every day of the week, offering you and your family the chance to have your favorite types of food while seeing your favorite entertainers. Restaurant owners and managers have the opportunity to make their customers’ dining experiences unique and memorable, encouraging guests to return to the restaurant again and again.


Not every event fits neatly into the aforementioned categories. However, any type of event that could use some entertainment can benefit from inviting Simply Smiles! First communions, family reunions, and more can all benefit from inviting an entertainer to keep the kids and adults alike happy and smiling.