Corporate Event Entertainment

Simply Smiles offers corporate event entertainment for a variety of event types and organizations. The entertainment is specially tailored for specific companies based on the needs of the business and the setting of the event. Corporate event entertainment is often overlooked and can help your business stand out from your competition and take the next step forward. Contact us today for your next event!

Sales Assistance – Festivals and Trade Shows

Entertainment for all of your guests!

Entertainment for all of your guests!

Public festivals and events are a great opportunity to set up a booth and let the people of the community know what you have to offer them. These events can be very competitive and full of businesses, so differentiating yourself can be difficult. Corporate event entertainment is a great way to increase the number of families that stop at their booth and spend time in contact with the business. In the past we have worked with non-profits and medical professionals, entertaining the kids and families while the business professionals start conversations with the attendees. Entertainment helps put the whole family in a good mood and makes people more receptive to the message that the business wishes to convey. Additionally, since the business is providing a free service to these attendees, they will be more likely to take the time to listen to the message or sales pitch.

Recruitment and Public Events

If you are hosting an event at your business, it is important to get the word out about your event. Simply Smiles has an ever-growing presence online and on social media and can help spread the word about your events to those who enjoy our services. By hiring a Simply Smiles entertainer, companies are able to both enhance the quality of their event and also expand the reach of their marketing. While Simply Smiles puts entertainment first and marketing second, the company is dedicated to delivering superior customer value and maximizing the positive effects that the company can have for its customers. In the past, the company has orchestrated cross-promotional campaigns with regular customers. For example, Simply Smiles may give out coupons for discounted birthday parties to any family that comes to see the entertainers at restaurants or corporate events.

Employee Appreciation Events

What better way to reward employees than to invite Simply Smiles out to show them and their families a great time? Happy employees are integral to successful companies and attendance at company events is valuable to any company. Investing in Simply Smiles is a great way to invest in the happiness, loyalty, and productivity of the human resources that help your company be successful.