Non-Profit Entertainment

Simply Smiles and its team has worked many events providing non-profit entertainment. Its balloon twisters, face painters, and clowns are beloved by the community and help enhance events, increase turnout, and boost the visibility of the organization. Non-profit organizations have varying budgets so Simply Smiles has options for all of these groups.

Balloon Twisters and Face Painters for large groups

Balloon twister in denver at a non-profit event

We made hundreds of balloons that day!

At many non-profit events, there will be hundreds of attendees and many organizations from the community providing different services. Simply Smiles is happy to participate in these events and entertain large groups of children. Our team can work very quickly, making as many as 50 balloons in an hour or painting over 30 faces. You can provide entertainment for hundreds of guests with a relatively small investment due to our 10% discount for non-profit organizations. Sometimes our schedule is busier than others: on dates that have relatively low demand, we can offer additional discounts on a case by case basis.


For organizations that want to hire entertainers but absolutely do not have a budget for them, we have several options. The first would be to have one of our newest entertainers come out to work for experience and/or a small fee to pay for their supplies. Another option is to hire an experienced entertainer, and sell tickets for balloons or face painting in order to make up some or all of the cost of an entertainer. Lastly, and depending on the event, we can set up at your event and work for tips or a small fee only.

Community Partnerships

Every year, we are requested by many non-profits to come out to their events for free or for discounted prices. We want to give back to our community, and we keep track of what non-profits dip into their budgets to hire us for events. At the end of every year, we calculate how many hours we were paid as an entire company, and give back between 5-10% of that total in free hours given to non-profits. Organizations that hire us at our full non-profit rate will have a chance to qualify for some of these free hours, which are determined by a lottery.