Private Parties

Simply Smiles is able to do their best work at private parties. Usually these are birthday parties, but the company also works many family reunions, weddings, first communions, quinceaneras, and more.

Birthday Parties

birthday party balloon twisting and face painting designs.

Some great examples of birthday balloons.

The company is always happy to come out and work at birthday parties. It is a more intimate setting than many of the public and corporate events that we work, and we are glad to be able to help make parties great for the lucky birthday boy or girl. Since the events are usually smaller, we are able to make more complex balloons and paint arms along with faces. The children will get the opportunity to receive some balloons that are not made available at other events, and we can even do some brief performances to really entertain the kids! Sometimes we will make a fancy birthday balloon for the birthday boy or girl that no one else can have, making for some great photo opportunities and memories.

Family Reunions

a mom with a balloon twisting monkey hat at a private party

A monkey on a palm tree hat!

Children love us the most, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t entertain adults too! At events like family reunions we are able to entertain people of all ages. Since we can do so many different things, we have something for everyone. Some adults might not want a balloon, so instead we can paint their face! Sometimes they don’t want to be painted, so we can show off some of our juggling skills instead. People of all ages will enjoy our entertainers and enjoy the way that we make their kids smile.