Public Event Entertainment

Public event entertainment is one of our greatest talents! Our entertainers can do advanced balloons and face paintings, but their styles are optimized for speed and efficiency. Many entertainers do not adapt to their environment, and make the same balloons and paintings in every location. Our company entertainers are trained to recognize the needs of public event entertainment and will adjust their speed based on the flow of the crowd.

Extremely Busy Public Event Entertainment

Balloon Twisting public event entertainment denver

Entertainment for all of your guests!

Many events that have large crowds will inevitably be very busy. Simply Smiles is experienced in these environments and ready to handle the crowd. Our balloon twisters can make up to 50 balloons per hour, and our face painters work very quickly, up to 30-35 faces per hour. Even at an event with thousands of people, we can move through a line quickly and provide three, four, or even five entertainers of each type. Since we can provide multiple types of entertainers, planners can more easily use our company to acquire a volume discount. We can provide lots of twisters and painters and even some clowns to entertain the guests while they wait for our other services! No matter how large your crowd is, we can provide the entertainers to keep them happy.

Switching Skills Based on Demand

Balloon twisting and face painting public event entertainment in denver

Everyone got balloons AND face paint!

One of the best features of our company beyond our speed and quality is our ability to provide multitalented entertainers. If your event is going to be a little smaller, or you are unsure of what types of guests will attend, we can provide you multitalented entertainers than can meet your demand for balloon twisting and face painting perfectly. The last thing you want is for the kids to want more face painting than they can get and be less interested in balloon animals. You can hire one of both with an additional entertainer switching between the two entertainment skills. You could hire a third entertainer to juggle primarily and then help out with either task depending on the demand. Or you can hire just one person and let them handle the demand for each skill. The possibilities are endless, but you can be sure that Simply Smiles can provide you the right mix of entertainers.

Highest Quality Public Event Entertainment

Our entertainers are more than just machines that make lots of balloon animals and do great face painting. They are also hilarious, likable people that can keep crowds engaged. When events are less crowded and there aren’t lines for their balloons and face paintings, the entertainers will be able to talk to the crowd and entertain large groups at one time. We will go beyond smiles, and make sure that your guests are laughing and having a great time for hours!