Restaurant Entertainment

The first job that I ever did was in a restaurant. I really enjoy restaurant entertainment and the way that I get to go from family to family. On days that they are really busy, time flies. On days that they are slower, I have the opportunity to make large displays and impress all of the guests. The arrangements that I reach with these organizations is mutually beneficial, offering both of us the opportunity to gain more business.

Increase your guest satisfaction and retention

a little girl smiling with a balloon mermaid

I bet she’s coming back for more pizza.

Kids love restaurant entertainment. In our opinion, balloon twisting works the best in these environments. Face painting is also a hit with kids and families. The worst part of going out to eat is the time between ordering a receiving your food: restaurant entertainment turns that into one of the best times! Our entertainers are taught to approach guests after they’ve ordered and before they’ve eaten, so as to not disturb the flow of your restaurant. Kids and parents will be happy to be entertained and to have the chance to make their kids smile. Chances are higher that they will come back again and that they will talk to their friends about their fun experience at your restaurant.

Increase your number of first-time guests

Restaurant Entertainment Ad

The back of our old business card

Simply Smiles takes its relationship with restaurants seriously, spreading the word about your organization everywhere that we go. We attempt to market our restaurant entertainment in a variety of ways, both through social media and through integrating our appearance information into our other marketing material. Not only will we help you retain your customers, but we will help you obtain more potential repeat customers! People talk about what they like, and we constantly see moms and dads taking pictures of their balloons and face paintings to send to their friends with kids. Over time, your restaurant can be known as the place to be on your kids night!

Increase the amount that your customers spend

If you have a great entertainer in the restaurant, people will want to stay longer to watch. That means more desserts, more drinks, and more food! I’ve seen it happen countless times that our entertainers help fill up a restaurant, and as a result people are staying longer to get a chance to see the balloon guy.

Variety of restaurant entertainment

Perhaps you like the idea of having entertainers in your restaurant, but you aren’t sure whether or not you would like to have balloon twisting, face painting, a clown, or cycle between them. We can offer you several different types of entertainers or send you a variety of entertainers until you find one with the personality that fits your restaurant. Different customers have different preferences, and Simply Smiles is happy to work with you until you find the particular entertainer and the type of restaurant entertainment that optimizes your ability to attract and retain customers.