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Why hire your entertainers instead of your competition?

Simply Smiles will be easy to contact, on time to your event, provide high-quality services, and have very reasonable prices. You will not have any issues reaching us for quotes or changes to your event, and we will reach out to you very quickly to complete our easy booking process. We do great work and are always professional, punctual, and highly entertaining!

  • Our balloon twisting is some of the best on the market, offering both complex designs for less crowded events and blazing speed for events with larger numbers of guests
  • Our face painting techniques are designed with efficiency in mind, and we can paint 3 people at a time. Not only do we produce great work, but we can paint 30 faces each hour!
  • Our balloon decor is high-quality and affordable, especially when paired with entertainers performing throughout the event
  • We can provide multitalented entertainers that allow you to meet your guests’ demands more efficiently than two separate entertainers can
  • Smiles the Clown is one of Denver’s most talented and memorable entertainers, bringing years of experience and loads of talent to your event.
Do you offer special rates for non-profits and fundraisers?

We occasionally offer discounted rates for organizations, depending on our availability and the time of the event. We can rarely offer them on Saturdays though, since that is when we are in highest demand. Each year, we select a few like-minded organizations that have hired us in the past to receive free or discounted services throughout the year.

Do you travel?

We often travel to most locations across Colorado and the Denver metro area. Depending on the locations of our other events and the availability of our performers, additional charges may be applied.

Are you available for my event?

There’s only one way to find out! Contact us today and we will quickly get back to you with our availability and a quote.

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