Hiring a Clown For Maximum Entertainment Value

Smiles the Clown, Denver Colorado's best entertainerSimply Smiles has recently expanded its entertainment services into clowning. Smiles the Clown has been a hit at the parties he has attended thus far, which was not much of a surprise. Hiring clown entertainment rather than a traditional balloon twister or face painter has many benefits: some of them are obvious, while others are less so.

Clowning Puts the Entertainment Professional in Charge of the Entertainment

One of the downsides of hiring specifically for balloon animals or for face painting is that it is relatively one-dimensional. Balloons are awesome and kids love to have their faces painted, but every party, child, and situation is different and the ability to use several different tools is very valuable to an entertainer. When I’m clowning, I have the opportunity to change up what I’m doing based on the flow of the crowd and the reactions of the guests. It allows me to apply my years of experience as an entertainer in order to make sure that the party entertainment is as great as it can possibly be.

Smiles the Clown Represents a Change in the Clown Industry

Smiles the Denver clown doing some illusions

Smiles the Clown Hard at Work

There has been a lot of talk amidst clowns about how our kind has become less and less commonplace. This is for a few reasons: it’s become trendy to express a fear of clowns, many clowns have grown older, and clowning is just less popular than it used to be. As a young and charismatic entertainer, Smiles realizes that he has an opportunity to redefine what clowning is in the context of the 21st century. Rather than have a traditionally painted face, he dons some colorful polka dots that appeal to kids rather than scare them.  While he does integrate some classic clowning with his unicycle and juggling, you will find that Smiles is both exactly what you want in a clown while being different than any clown you’ve ever met.

A Clown can be Easily Identified by Anyone

Clowns are easy recognized by people of all ages. Until the balloon guy starts twisting, it’s hard to determine if he is the entertainment or if he is a guest. With Smiles the Clown, your guests will know immediately that they are about to be seriously entertained. Clowning is a silly and visual art, and requires a large personality that spreads to all those in attendance. Whether you are having a small party or a public event, clowning can provide a unique twist. People often like to take pictures with and of the clown, and are naturally drawn to his bright colors. By hiring Smiles the clown, you let your guests know immediately that you are serious about showing them a great time.