New Contact Juggling Video: A Review

First, the video:

Now, some feedback for myself.

(0:02): Great song choice, me!

(0:20): Good job with the isolations. Nice and slow

(0:40): I’m dropping the trick that pushed my left hand out and around while I pull the ball to the right. It looks funny.

(0:45): I should slow down and be more deliberate with the fake string.

(1:25): Pretty good move, then I threw in that weird separation thing from (0:40) again.

(1:30) Better use of the string, still need to slow down and be more deliberate. Also be more aware of the angle your audience/camera is viewing from. Usually I have a wider crowd to appeal to.

(1:50) Work on tightening those fists. That trick is only worthwhile if I can keep my fist looking tight.

(1:54) Terrible transition between hands. I need to improve with my left so I don’t run myself into that situation.

(1:57) Not my best chest roll, but good job just pushing past it. This isn’t the best ball for it, so maybe I should avoid it when using the small acrylic or practice it more. That’s how I chipped it initially…

(2:08) STOP IT!!!!

(2:15) The wiper to two hand palm isolation to one hand isolation is going to be sweet once I get it down.

(2:20) I really need to use my left hand more. It’s just chilling there until it’s time to help the right.

(2:40) Cool idea to do that floating isolation with hands in different places. Try a different, more natural trick to transition out of. Maybe the thumb-grip floating move?

(2:45) Righty palm isolations are looking great!

(2:50) Palm to palm transitions need to slow down drastically.

(2:57) Same camera angle issues. I still need to slow down when pulling the string under my hand.

(3:05) Nice drop and flip back up. Need a better trick to transition into.

(3:20) This is simply stuff, let’s start doing it lefty. Or at least add more flourish with the left.

(3:28) Good chest roll! Bring it back around the other way.

(3:37) Mediocre bridge roll. The slight pause at the transition and the collection of it leave something to be desired. Keep practicing!

(3:42) Decent flip up to the fist, not so great on switching hands.

(3:50) Much better bridge roll. Probably because I wasted 4 seconds trying to look like a genie). Let the ball flow out to the other hand at the end for a smoother finish.

(3:58) There’s that lame separation thing again, though I really do enjoy the look of the (accidental) leaning off balance.

(4:15) Nice isolations to finish. The double palm iso is going to look great in a few weeks.

Generally, I would say that I need to move my body more, use my left hand much more, and watch out for my face looking silly. What do you think? Any feedback?