Simply Smiles: Balloon Animals, Face Painting, and Denver’s Best Clown

Daniel McGuire aka Smiles the Clown

Headlined and operated by Denver’s Best Children’s Entertainer Daniel McGuire (aka Smiles the Clown), Simply Smiles provides balloon artists, face painters, and variety entertainers who can do both balloon animals and face painting at the same party. We keep it simple and provide you either the best clown Denver has to offer, or one of our talented and vetted team members at a great price.

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Keep it simple! With our team of entertainers, you can be sure that you’ll find one that fits your needs and budget. Many of our artists (Smiles included) are experts in both balloon animals and face painting and can single-handedly entertain groups of children that would normally require two professionals.

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One Company, One Call

Many of our entertainers can provide multiple services and can help customers ensure that they meet their guests demands more exactly. Rather than hiring multiple companies at a high cost, Simply Smiles can provide you all of your entertainment needs at a more affordable rate. It can be difficult to predict what types of entertainment your guests will prefer: sometimes balloon twisting is more popular than face painting, or vice-versa. A multitalented entertainer can divide their time between the two based on the wishes of your guests and help you achieve the best value for your investment. Simply Smiles provides the best available mix of quality and value in order to make sure that all of your events are entertaining and successful!

A denver girl with a balloon animal mermaid from smiles the clown

Organizers can save time by calling one company for all of their entertainment needs rather than calling around to several different companies. Call or email us and you’ll receive a quick call back with more information! Tired of entertainers that are unreliable or hard to reach? Simply Smiles will provide you excellent service and reliable entertainment for years to come. We even come with recommendations for other party services!

Denver’s Best Clown and Children’s Entertainer

Simply Smiles face painting menu for birthday parties

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Simply Smiles was Founded in January 2016 by variety entertainer Daniel McGuire. As an 18-year old college student, Smiles the Clown was just a beginning balloon artist. After a few years of running his balloon company, working with a local face painting company, and starting up a balloon decoration business, Smiles realized that his dream was to run the best children’s entertainment company in the country. He visited Denver on vacation, and decided to move there upon completion of his MBA at Illinois State University. Smiles the Clown brings years of experience and a love of his work that is hard to find in any other entertainer. He specializes in making kids smile, through his balloon animals, face painting, juggling, magic, and unicycling. Whether you choose to hire him or one of his hand-picked apprentices, you can be confident that Simply Smiles is your best option for your event in Denver. Check out our blog to peer into the mind of a clown, or our services page to see all that we offer.

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