Candy Cups

Sometimes we aren’t available, or your event isn’t a great fit for live entertainment. Our Candy cups make incredible party favors that add to your party’s visual appeal and impress both children and adults.

Choose from one of our preset packages or contact us to make a custom mix of animals or figures. All Packs are $109/dozen unless otherwise noted.

Zoo Pack: Unicorn, Duck, Monkey, Alien, Baby, Penguin, Panda, Giraffe, Lion, Fish, Bee, Dolphin

Pink & Purple Pack: Unicorn (x3), Butterfly (x2) Penguin (x2) Duck, Giraffe, Panda, Bee, Dolphin

Rough & Tough Pack: Dinosaur (x2), Alien (x2) Lion, Tiger, Skeleton, Fish, Monkey, Snake, Panda, Giraffe

Balloon Swords Pack: Includes 30 balloon swords (30 is recommended for 12 kids at an outdoor party: they can go fast)


Pickup is free at our location near 6th Ave and Monaco Parkway in Denver, 80220. Do not hesitate to ask for small orders or custom designs. We see these candy cups as a great way to explore new designs and expand our balloon skills.

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